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Why the club?

We have lived and breathed SEO for over 10 years. We have grown up immersed in the digital media of today. Club Members get to take advantage of our tried and tested methods to bring traffic to your business.

What is SEO

SEO is a creative technical process of methods used to create more business exposure through Search Engines like Google. Greater exposure comes from increased ranks- Increased ranks can lead to increased revenue.

Does Your Company Need an SEO Expert In Surrey?

The Click.Club has an exclusive marketing service that is provided for members of the club only. We currently have opportunities for business in Surrey to come and become part of the fastest growing marketing club in the UK. One of the benefits of being in the club is you get access to years of SEO expert knowledge. If you think your Surrey business could benefit from our exclusive membership then please get in touch.

If you have ranks which leads to greater exposure then sure you will of course increase your revenue. if you understood the theory behind the process the process proves the theory.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a required channel of marketing for a company looking to expand their audience reach online. SEO done properly can increase sales and money into your business. There are many online marketing companies that offer SEO as a service to business the truth is not all have the experience, knowledge and resources to get successful results from search. The Click Club have all of the attributes required to bring success to your business online.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest evolving strategies seeing Google doing multiple monthly updates through the whole of 2018 it takes the experience of an expert search marketing guru to deliver the long-lasting results required in to competitive madness of 2019. More and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of the multi-channel world and turning to specialist SEO agency’s.

This is where the Click Club comes in, a specialist members only digital marketing club. Members take full advantage of our invite only hard hitting, test based SEO strategies that delivers long lasting results.

The Problem

We source the problems (search queries)

The Solution

You offer the solution (answers to the search query)

User Intent

We study the intent of users and offer solutions for different intents.

Traffic Avenues

We utilise a variety of channels to connect users with your brand.

We Track Everything

Looking For an Invite?

If you think our member only services would benefit your business then drop us a line let us know what you are looking to do.

Seo Expert Surrey

Although we are an SEO expert not everyone is in the know to gain access to our valuable resources. That’s because we are a little different to any other Digital marketing agency. We are not an agency we are a club, a member only club and its only our members that have the benefit of having the competitive edge that under no circumstances would be accessible to our members competition or non-club members. The best member perk that we offer to Click.Club members is our SEO service. With the average division of traffic being distributed between 15% PPC and 75% organic search results the number one position can generate great advantage to members not only financially but also for their Brands awareness. The world of search is rapidly evolving 2017 has seen back to back updates like never before, with penguin, rank brain, Fred and local updates working with a traditional digital marketing agency’s will no longer have what it takes to keep you at the front of your customers. Are you looking for an SEO consultant

Marketing Online

The biggest problem with SEO is the amount of free online information. As a business owner you may think that this free information is brilliant, it can be a good start -: But have these theories been tested, are they proven? The web is full of half-truths and poorly considered theories. The Click.Club is different we have tested and tested and we know what is needed for our members and their online assets

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Definition: SEO is a creative technical process of methods used to create more business exposure through Search Engines like Google, Bing. Greater exposure comes from increased ranks- Increased ranks can lead to increased revenue. If you have ranks which leads to greater exposure then sure you will of course increase your revenue. if you understood the theory behind the process the process proves the theory.

  • Over estimating the result from misguided information about the key phrase.
  • Targeting the wrong key phrase
  • Going for broad terms only.
  • Heavy Competitor Saturation.
  • Poor Customer service.

Our Members only get the taste of success. Our Club benefits allow you to focus on running your business while we focus on your new clients. In our club we know that it is not just content that builds strong ranks. Content is just content without outreach and incoming links

The Link

What is the Link it’s Different Uses This is the introduction to links Google’s Addiction.

What is a link?

A link is html hyper text represented with the a element. It is a door way from one web page to another.

The link has two parts. The anchor and the destination <a href="the link destination">The link anchor text</a>

Absolute and Relative Links

A link can be absolute or relative. An External link is always absolute, meaning you have the http:// at the front of the address as your browser will need this to retrieve the destination. The relative link is normally used when a page links to another page on the same domain. For example we are on my home page and want to link to my page b, as page b is a page in my website we link to it this way.

<a href="/pageb.html">My relative destination link to page b</a>

If we was linking to page b from another website it would have to be absolute

<a href="">My absolute destination link to page b</a>

You can link to pages within your website using absolute links it does not really make a difference. Although do be mindful that absolute links for your internal pages does code bloat so it can make it slower to load and site speed is a ranking factor for Google now days.

The Ways That Links Are Used.

There are three ways a link can be used on page.

Navigation Menus

The path around your site guiding users around your site in a hierarchical manner back to the top level pages (side bar and footer links fall under this category)


Text links normally displayed horizontally across. These links show the user how deep within the hierarchy they are offering a quick return. Home > Level 1 > Level 2 > Level 3

Inline Text Links

Links contained within the paragraphs of the page or body text

All off our members get Secret Effective On Page Optimisation

SEO is generally referred to as two methods, On page and Off page optimisation.

Definition: On page Optimisation.

All the elements and tags that can be optimised in some way physically on your website for example the title tag in the header hierarchy and navigation.

Definition: Off page Optimisation

Meaning anything that you do that is not a physical change to your website that has an effect to your website traffic. For example, link building or social media.

On Page Optimisation.

On page is the process of producing a website or web page to an optimal level using the various html tags and elements that are available. Different on page factors provide different results, results based on factors that the search engines give weight to. Weight meaning the amount of power or result it will give to the optimisation you have implemented when placing your site in a ranking position.

A quick lesson on terminology as I use terms interchangeably and don’t wont to confuse you. Tags, Elements and Attributes.

A tag is the starting and closing bit of the html code, so for example<p> is a tag and the closing</p> is a tag. In Xhtml self-closing tags were introduced for example a page break <br /> which makes that a tag or an element. <p>This is a paragraph</p> The complete code from the <p> the text and </p> is a element. An attribute is something that differs between tags or elements. For example a image can have a src alt or a title attribute .<img src=””  alt=”” title”” />.

This is not a mark-up tutorial but that should be enough information to not get confused with the terminology for those that are new to HTML mark up.

What Are The Main On Page Factors That get Optimised?

Optimal Title Tags

This is the title of each webpage. The bold blue title displayed in each of the 10 results Google and other search engines display in the results when you carry out a search.

Optimal Header Tags

These are the tags <h1></h1> through to <h6></h6>. These tags or elements are used to create a hierarchy in your online documents. Think of a newspaper how some headings are bigger than others thus creating a visual content hierarchy.

Optimal Meta Tags

These elements  such as keywords, robots ,zip-code, language and bot specific tags like slurp, googlebot etc Are added between the <head></head> tags in  your HTML document.

Optimal Meta Description

Is another element added in the <head> of your document that once provide the blurb seen on the search engine result pages under the title.

Optimal Alt Tags

The alt is a required attribute of the <img> tag . This is to be used to add a description of the image for usability of partially sighted users or users that use a screen reader.

Optimal Body Text

This would be the text the is inside <p></p> and other HTML tags.

Optimal Keyword Density

The process of working out the density of a keyword within the web pages text.

Optimal URLs

The naming convention of your website structure E.G -keyword-page.html

Lastly every little bit helps. Something that you will hear again and again. Is it true? Maybe, is it worth spending the time possessing over and over this little bits that only provide a little help, probably not! This leads me to. Traditional Thinking, No Room In The Modern SEO World!

One thing we are not at Click.Club is traditional. A lot of SEO practitioners spend time every month on client or personal sites fiddling and amending a majority of the above on page factors stuck in the mantra of every little bit helps. Our members know that most cases on page SEO is a waste of time. Due to the miss use overtime from spammers all ranking value has been devalued

In the short on page SEO wastes meaningful time on old school techniques that will not provide any significant changes. Most on page methods will only see a change below the top 30 pages.

You might be thinking about a test your saw online on how a site ranked by making changes to on page factors. These are generally controlled experiments’ that are trying to rank sites for obscure terms. Think about it, it is not hard to rank a site for the term” fabricated lemon branch dog sticks”. In the real world there is no competition for this term so there is nothing to compare your site with.  Of course you gain ranks for these obscure terms. Bring this back to reality with a more realistic term “laptop spares”…. You don’t have a hope in hell.


The above information tells you there are only a few efforts worth your time. We will go through these in detail in the next article. In the second chart you can see that links far out weigh any of the on page factors. Links is a subject that we will look at in great detail later on.

Dwindling Returns:

The more factors and variables you add to your site the less importance you give each element. Thus limiting the impact and over time no change will be seen even if you add more and more optimised elements to your site. So if you become a forward thinker, leave the traditional mantra behind. Spend time on factors that provide measurable impact you can see results in days for Google and Bing.

The following on page elements do not provide any worth wile ranking value, especially relating to the top 10 results don’t take my word for it experiment . If you want to become a good SEO you will be constantly testing your theories.

  • Page Headers (Also called H Tags) <h1></h1> to <h6></h6>
  • Meta Tags (almost all) <meta name=“” content=“” />
  • Meta Description (covered in-depth later) <meta name=“description” content=“” />
  • Alt Tags (unless image is also a link) alt=“”
  • Body Text
  • Keyword Density
  • URLs  /keyword/keyphrase.html
  • Comment Tags
  • Title Attribute title=“”
  • Bold or Strong <b> </b> or <strong> </strong>
  • Italic <i></i>  or <em></em>
NOTE: Our Members get access to years of test based techniques mainly from competitive industries.

Seo Expert

Are you looking for an SEO expert? A Click.Club membership is as good as it gets. Our exclusive membership services will create the exposure your business needs to obtain its maximum revenue potential.